// Who would you like to have dinner with?

Picture the classical cliche question.
If you had the possibility to choose, who would you like to have dinner with?

Well, for the Menu Issue we did not only imagine our dream Women to enjoy a meal with, but we also created each dish especially shaped on her bad-ass unique personality.

About our chef Riccardo?
Passionate about the food & wine, after classical studies worked in restaurants, cooking and serving.
Loves discovering the right situations and atmospheres in contemporary places.
Also loves to find an unexpected ingredient to twist a classic, in food, drinks, music, and also in conversations. As we at SoapOpera love as well.

So, BON APPETIT and let your 5 senses deep into our menage à 5.



“A fare il gazpacho comincia tu”.

We had to start off with our beloved Raffaella.
Explaining why we would like to have a tête-à-tête with her it’s pretty unnecessary.
She’s not only THE Italian Icon par excellence, she’s also an international timeless Diva that will survive til’ the end of the world and beyond.
“To make love, your move first”, so let the freshness of this Italian version of the Gazpacho make you fall in love like you did with that Latino man you met once in Greece (and you did the first move).

Italian Gazpacho – Cold tomato sauce, horigan, oil, mozzarella cube.
Gazpacho because Raffaella Carrà always said Spain was her second home country.

She speaks Spanish very well and often partecipated to Spanish tv programs.
Summery “all’italiana”.



“Breaking the glass ceiling with the spiciness of a female black woman”

Some people do not think a black woman should lead Fifa, says Fatma Samoura – the first female secretary general of football’s world governing body. But she couldn’t care less as she makes her way though the male dominated sports universe. Samoura, 55, replaced Jerome Valcke in May 2016 after he was found guilty of misconduct and banned from football-related activity for 12 years. Ranked as the most powerful woman in international sport of 2018 Samoura kicks old fashioned asses by bringing style, ethics and culture into one of the most corrupted universes, football.
So let the tastiness and exotic twist of this simple and delicious salad come to your heart.

International mango salad – sweet-sour-spicy mango salad with chilly, aromatic herbs and cashews.

An International dish whose main ingredient comes from the tropics.



“Let go and live the life you actually have, as simple as having that salad lunch break”

Our favorite raising American actress, writer, and director.
She first garnered attention after working on and appearing in several mumblecore films and after few successes in 2017, Gerwig wrote and made her solo directorial debut with the critically acclaimed comedy-drama film Lady Bird, which won the award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. Gerwig became the fifth woman in history to be nominated in the Best Director category at the Oscars.
What do we love about Greta? She’s a normal girl, having various dreams and following simply what life brings to her step by step. We dedicated to her a quick special caesar salad lunch break imagining to meet in New York sun-lighted cafe chatting about everyday’s ups and down, always with a subtle smile.

Crispy lettuce, roasted chicken, mustard mayonnaise.
A sort of Caesar Salad – a quick lunch for a busy city like new York.

Easy going with style.




“An everyday main course through dance, irony, and fears”

The Buenos Aires born and Berlin based choreographer, is one of the few contemporary character uniting imagination and realness. Her dance-teether shows (which could seem inspired by Pina Bausch but even managed to push her work further) are very political pieces of work, always in collaboration with local association to englobe in her theatre a vaste amount of experiences.
Every show is kind of “performance- essay”, involving the public in each action on and off stage, transforming intellectuality into a real action.
With this very special dancing meatballs, having meat, both very important for Argentinian and German culinary tradition, and an acid sauerkraut like onion twist, you’re ready to join Costanza’s movements.

Meat balls, caramelized onion and teryiaki sauce.

A meat-based course, common element between the Argentinian and german food culture, with the sweet-sour onion that slightly reminds sauerkraut and an eastern twist is represented by the teriyaki sauce.
Unexpectedly Tasty.



‘The cultural liberalism starts milanese and breaks national boundaries”

Emma, A woman whose political orientation stands for conciliation of minorities interests, previously being a member of the European Parliament and a member of the Italian Senate and now being a leading member of the Italian Radicals.
A kind of politics acting as a dialogue, interconnecting past, present and future from everywhere to her beloved motherland.
A risotto alla milanese with foreign spices will make you fall in love with this peace maker woman who really makes (and made) the difference more and more.

Saffron risotto & cacao sauce.
A vegetarian “multicultural” risotto that has inside foreign spices like saffron and cacao, which you couldn’t find in Italy some time ago.

A classical dish from the north of Italy with a contemporary twist.
Almost Classic.


Words by Amanda Luna Ballerini.
Courses realized by Riccardo Fedele and lensed by Alessandro Oliva, Milan, May 2018.

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