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// Focus on Brands to check out which choose the Bel Paese to develop their talents


Different styles, stories, realities and ideas that come together when it comes to talent and quality choices.
Fil rouge is Italy that gives to ambitious just born or already established projects the value that is required.
From some brand new identity to the ones which already got the hype, we selected four creative designers that make us proud of our Motherland.

The brand was founded in Milan in 2016 by Cecilia Federico and Rosita Giammarino.
Contemporary and essential couture, with a proverbial attention to visual communication and a rigorous Made in Italy, are the basis of this subversive harmony. Fashionable, feminine and unisex are the other ingredients that make the brand unique and fresh.The girls behind the sophisticated soul of Archivio put their imaginary inside their cloths, one antithesis of the other to re-exemplify their daily aesthetics in their collection, shuffling from modern to classic.
The result is a clear and clean stylistic line with hybrid shapes where female and male aesthetics speak the same language. After months of struggle and research up and down through Italy here the new spring summer collection with an androgynous and unconventional twist.
Meet Archivio here.

Designed and directed by the versatile Virgil Abloh, who for those who do not know it is architect, engineer, graphic artist and establish DJ, Off White is a fashion label rooted in current culture at a taste-level particular of these times.
Founded in 2014 all products are based on a concept that adapts and evolves from season to season. Manufacturing is based in Milan with the brand’s core value to be 100% about particular fabrics, fit and fabrication.
The result is young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.
Meet Off White here.

Anna Maria Marino is a made in Italy expert. After many years spent in the fashion system she decided to create her own brand, which rappresents her vision of style The result is a kind of brand-free fashion dictum rich in precious details.
It expresses a concept of luxury as a simple and relaxed approach to life. A concept of fashion defined by simplicity, freshness and sober elegance out of time.
Meet Maison Jeija here.

Lidia Lazzari, Rome based, is the creative mind behind the brand.
After having attended courses at Central Saint Martin in London and an internship at Nanis, she decided to focus on developing her personal project.
The ispiration of the collections arises from the study of nature and the relationship that humans have with it.
In tribal cultures, voodoo objects are invested with magical qualities, they are the bond between the human dimension and the spirits of nature. Likewise, the Voodoo creations are the link between a terrestrial reality and an enchanted world made up of spirits and ghosts.
Meet Voodoo Jewels here.

Mansur Gavriel, was born in New York in 2012 from the idea of the two sisters Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel. The concept behind the construction of Mansur Gavriel handbags is the blend of natural textures and materials, the pop colors that characterize them, and the clean and essential lines of design.
Handmade bags, which once again choose Italian quality produced entirely in Veneto, Mansur Gavriel expands its borders around the world is available in around 75 retailers worldwide including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Opening Ceremony, Dover Street Market, and Colette.
Meet Mansur Gavriel here. 

 Photo Credits
1. Archivio
2. Off White
3. Maison Jeija
4. Voodoo Jewels
5. Mansur Gavriel

Special thanks to Amanda Ballerini.

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