// What has been lost and not found (yet)


A cosmic journey back to the good old Italian post-hippy days, while taking inspiration from cult-clubs like discoteca Melodj Mecca in Rimini, the collaboration between Fantabody + Vitelli created a female empowering collection joining forces between the two fresh made in Italy labels that are changing the rules:

FANTAVITELLI is just the bomb you’ve been waiting for.

In times where an analog past meets and crashes with a present that maybe isn’t as futuristic as we expected it to be, a pseudo cosmic journey to somewhere lost is most likely what we need to escape from reality. Fantabody -the Milano based brand which combines an erotic sophisticated touch with a sporty vibe for all the girls who want to express their personality through a soft and comfortable lingerie-like layer of fabric- joined forces with Vitelli, the knitwear label taking inspiration from the seminal Italian ‘cosmic’ scene (1980-1984).

Back in the ’70s, where in most Italian clubs only commercial and Italian music was played, thanks to clubs like Cosmic (On Lazise, Lago di Garda), new genres like New Wave, Electronic, Brazil, Krautrock, Psychedelia, Dark and Punk were finally explored. It was the beginning of the counter-trend phenomena called ‘COSMIC’, an expression indicating different types of music opposed to what was popular back then.

Those new clubs, meant to be a bit out of control and on the borders of legality, were referring to a new world that was coming. It was the beginning of a new era, directly from the suburbs of Italy to the global clubbing scene.

COSMIC, a word related to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone, in this collection becomes the perfect match between a metaphysical universe and the reality of wearing actual clothing. Cosmic more in general characterises greatness especially in extent, intensity, something pushing human limits.

Observing the capsule’s pictures, what we can perceive is that this collection explores the research of an ‘elsewhere’ (un ‘altrove’), something that we can’t find in today’s world and therefore we went to search in a marginal district in the earth of Italy, where new aesthetics forms were explored and lately influenced our way of being today. Colours which seem to come from another planet and at the same time appear more real than reality itself become like manifestos of second skin knits realised with a post-modern approach.

What we can find with FANTAVITELLI are the ghosts of something that did got lost, but then was rediscovered, being Italy one of the places where clubbing was actually invented in the first place.

Cosmic becomes in this way a revival of an omni present desire to evade from the actual reality and GO BACK TO a FUTURE that actually is taken from a not so distant PAST.

The new made in Italy is more Italian than ever, planting its roots where Italy was and is great for, less pizza mafia mandolino and more authentic than ever.

ITALY has been and rises again as 100% COSMIC and so do we thanks to this capsule.

What would have happened if an Apocalypse occurred in 2017 in an abandoned post cosmic disco in the center of Italy? Only discovering the FANTAVITELLI collection we shall all know.

Meet Fantabody here and Vitelli here!

Photo // Carolina Amoretti
Art Direction // Mauro Simionato
Styling // Yosephine Melfi

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