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We all know that the fashion system is constantly changing and the modeling world is changing with it.
Models, street casting, real people, short, tall, plus size, young, old, the more is less, the less is more.
But in this chaotic and crowded jungle where beauty is a relative concept and the IG account seems to be more important than the size, there is a new baby agency who aimed to be the indie compromise.
Founded last November, Girl has everything you could ask to a brand new agency:
the attitude, the atypical approach, a killer logo and a board full of interesting faces with strong personalities.
Here we have a little chat with the founder Olivier Lafrontière, about different canons, uniqueness and that je ne sais quois.
Because mais oui, Girl is french.
Let’s just say that Paris is buning, welcome to the little rrrrrriot agency.

Federica. Salut Olivier! Tell us about your background. How did you get to where you are now? When you find out you wanted to be a booker?
Olivier Lafrontiere. Yo! I was born and raised in France between the suburb and Paris.
Well, I can say that I had the chance to work with people that brought me where I am now. For me, they are legendary agents: Geraldine and Myriam (Mimi) at Next Models, Eric Dubois, Bruno Jamagne and Paul Rowland at Women Management.
I taked two degrees at la Sorbonne: History and Licence in Sociologie of Organisation. I had to produce a mémoire about how the Hierarchie operates on the artistic professions. Then I had an internship at Next Models Paris in the Men’s division for 2 years, there they taught me all the basics: the english, Photoshops, the names of the photographers, the magazines and the top models.
Once my professional training was completed I jumped into the fashion industry full time.
I worked 6 years at Women Paris at the developement departement improving my knowledge of the Art and Politic, Fashion and Economy.
Then I worked other 8 years at WM learning more about the business. 

F. You founded Girl last November. A special unique boutique agency for cool girls with a great attitude. When and why you decided to open you
own agency?
OL. The question is: why not? I wanted an agency that looks like me inside and out: my aesthetic, my voice, my style.
There is a new alternative Fashion system for a new alternative artists. I am the alternative model agency.

F. What does it mean beauty for you?
OL. A point of view.

F. Girl is really different from all the other agencies, not just because the kind of girls it represents but also because its aesthetic: the logo, the illustration in the homepage (instead of the latest covers of the models), the font.. everything is really fresh, cool and kind of indie. Even the digitals of the girls! How much the graphics mean to you?
OL. We work for artists hired by top brands for their advertisings. What are we all running after? What’s beyond beauty: Style.
I stripped off the mannequins of its conventional gear and threw its rough look right at the front page.
You may like it or not. But one thing is sure: you have no doubts.

F. What extra gear should a model have today?
OL. Her own look.

F. What, according to you, makes a girl “muse”? Who are your muses?
What pops up at the top of your thoughts when it comes to choose who could possibly embody an entire subject.

F. How does it works the scouting process at Girl?
Girls that I see on the streets, friends of friends, whoever catches my eye.

F. If you should choose three already famous girls to represents, who would you choose and why.
Whoever feels cool wearing Madchat on his back.

F. If Girl should be a place, an artist and a film, which ones would be?
A place: an open air Parking lot
An artist: Virginia Wolf.
A Film: The Goonies.

F. We SoapOpera girls like to call ourselves #busysexyeasy (or at least we try to!) If you had to choose a hashtag that represents your agency which would it be?

Meet Girl here

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