// Meet the brazilian, charming and graceful jewels designer


Picasso, Brancusi, Dalì, Matisse, do u remember them?
Guess who is being inspired by these artists and creates other kinds of art to adorn the body.
Paola Vilas is a Rio-based designer, a beautiful, brilliant girl who creates art from art, reason why we’re totally in love with her.
What her work is focused on is the wish to create a link among the people and let them discover the beauty flowing from the sensuality of female body and the art scene of the 20s.
She brings the world of jewels to a new level, so now it’s easy to wear a Buñuel errings, Braque ring, or Laurence bracelet.
In this captivating space we can discover the artisanal pieces she realizes with silver, gold and marble.
Enjoy our lil chat!

Sofia. Hi Paola, let’s start with your bio. How did you become a jewels designer?
Paola. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I have always been passionate about Art as much as long as I can remember.
I wish I had the opportunity to make a School of Fine Arts but being born and raised in Brazil the education system is a bit more tricky and precarious than in Paris or New York for example for lack of a better alternative I chose to study Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro but at the time I quickly felt trapped in the 2D system inherent to drawing. Then I decided in 2012, to opt for a summer course at the Central Saint Martins.
I have always had this need to create things using my hands. Since I can remember, I have a strong connection with aesthetics and a very unquiet mind. I used to make sculptures and draw all the time to express myself. During Design school, I came to realize that I needed to feed that need and little voice that was craving for something more vivid: experimenting with my own hands. It was only then that I discovered a silversmith course; I had to learn everything from waxing to welding. It is only then that I found myself truly complete. The thousand possibilities of creating small metal sculptures and still being able to use them in the world eyes seemed like a real dream come true.

Sofia. Your fashion project is totally into art. More specifically: by ‘800s and ‘900s art trend like cubism, surrealism, post-impressionism, etc. What is your connection with the main artists from these movements?
Paola. I would say that I try to create pieces that does not look like jewellery but more an art piece that you can wear, adorn. I want my design to be a conversation starter between people. I mainly find inspiration in the art scene of the 20s and of course surrealism, cubism.
Being obsessed with the female organ, women’s body would obviously be the theme of my very first collection. Woman’s body really possesses a sensuality always suggested by the shape and forms that’s defines it. It was more about focusing in the sculptural aspect of the “object”, and then deconstructs its fullness and complexity to get to lines.

Sofia. Are there specific artists who inspired you the most? Why?
Paola. There are a lot!
But mainly find inspiration in the art scene of the 20s and of course surrealism, cubism I would say the surrealist production from painting to sculpture.  For the most obvious names I would say Picasso, Matisse, Salvador Dali, Hans Arp, Brancusi…
Most of my references can be found on my Instagram feed.

Sofia. Describe the work process, from idea to realization.
Paola. Every piece is locally handmade in Rio de Janeiro and it is the result of a 100% artisanal and totally intuitive process. The starting point is a strong feeling that drives me to put things in the paper moves a sketch that most of the time. I sketch not only jewellery, but also random forms and shapes that come to my mind and if I like something I resketch it and mould it first using paper or wire to feel the proportions and shapes then comes the hand carved sculpture. After that it is hours and hours of investigation step to make sure that the shape is ergonomic (the Louise Cuff was probably the one piece who required the most hours)

Sofia. Which materials do you used for create the jewels? Which is your favorite?
Paola. I like using silver, gold and in my new collection I felt the need to experiment new materials, such as marble.

Sofia. Here at the magazine we are in love with your collection. Where can we buy it?
Paola. We ship worldwide all our pieces. For more informations please contact
We also Have stockists in Paris (tom greyhound paris), New York (Sincerelly, Tommy), Mexico (the Feathered), Miami (Bossa concept), Vancouver (Secret Location) and Ukraine (Matiere79).

Sofia. Here at SoapOpera we define ourselves #busysexyeasy. Well, at least we try. What’s your hashtag?
Paola. #WearableArt #WearableSculpture

Meet Paola here and here!

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