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I work in casting so, basically, knowing the faces and the names of every model out there is a big part of my job. The first time I saw Anna on the board of her italian agency, few years ago, I thought she had amazing eyebrows (well, she still has, even more amazing, if it’s possible), bright smile and beautiful colors.
In a nutshell, I knew she was gorgeous.
But what I didn’t know it was that she’s also absolutely fucking funny.
So funny that when I start to see her videos this summer on her instagram account first, and on America’s Sweethart then, I laughed to tears at least for 1 hour.
In an era where to be a successful model, personality plays a big role togheter with an incredible look, Anna, in my opinion, wins it all and with her hilarious, entertaining and ironic online project, this smart girl has conquered our hearts and all of our likes.
For #TheBoyfriendIssue we ask her to realize a special video for SoapOpera and believe us, she and her fiance are so cute and funny that you will probably love them (or hate them) more and more (judge by yourself seeing the video on the film section)
Here she answers to few questions, chatting about modeling, pinterest and alpacas.

Ciao Anna! Tell us about your background. How did you reach the point you are living right now?
Anna. I grew up in a small town with a big family (I’m the baby of 6 children). In High School I was scouted and not long after I began life as a model. I moved from Illinois to Los Angeles to Paris to Japan and finally ended up in NYC.

F. Describe yourself with three adjectives
A. Witty, Grounded, Curious

F. Where, when and how you were scouted?
A. In High School I was entered in a contest for Senior Photos (yes that actually exists) and somehow was one of the girls chosen. I won a trip to San Antonio, TX to be a “model” for a photography convention. Long story short, there was a scout at the convention and a few months later I was placed with an agency. Looking back it now it’s really quite comical.

F. What’s the best part of being a model?
A. The schedule is probably the best and worst part of being a model. It’s great to be able and make a living without having to go to work everyday. However, most people don’t know that our schedule is often last minute and varies day to day. For example: yesterday I found out I had to fly to Los Angeles today. I’ll be here for 24 hours and then back to NYC. I guess at the end of the day a little sunshine is better than none at all.

F. America’s Sweethart is everything to us, tell us about your personal project. Where the idea comes from?
A. America’s Sweethart really was a fluke. My Instagram was filled with selfie after selfie. At the time I was giving Kylie Jenner a run for her money. Really it was quite embarrassing, but I didn’t want to post anything personal so I kept it strictly selfies. Overtime my photos started to evolve to videos. To me there is such irony in the concept. People take selfies so serious, but I’m just trying to get a good laugh.

F. Why you decide to express yourself with short do-it-yourself video instead of something else?
A. The DIY idea really came from Pinterest. I would get lost in a rabbit hole of How To’s and wonder if they really did work. 20,000 pins later something clicked and the idea to film me doing them was born. 8/10 times they fail which for me is still a success.

F. 48k on Instagram. How important are social medias for you?
A. I think Social Media is important if your audience is engaged. So often people get caught up in the numbers, but if your followers don’t care about what you post, what’s the point?

F. Modeling requires so much. How do you balance between work, personal project and private life?
A. I use to really stress about trying to do it all, but as cliché as it sounds “do what makes you happy”. Life is a lot more fun when you’re enjoying it.

F. Fav spot in NY?
A. The Smile

F. Describe your typical day!
A. I’m a creature of habit. I wake up and go to bed early. So a typical day would look like this: 6:30 Wake Up, Coffee, Breakfast, Read the Newspaper, Work on America’s Sweethart, Lunch, Go Back to Work, Coffee Break, Dinner, and 9:30 Bedtime. After reading what I just wrote I sound like a total square. I swear I’m more fun than it seems!

F. You recently moved! You got engaged! Damn girl, busy times.. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A. Oddly enough, I want ditch the city life and move back to my hometown. I love being part of a small community and close to my family. Hopefully, America’s Sweethart will make the journey with me 😉 Oh and I want to have alpacas.

F. We, SoapOpera girls like to call ourselves #busysexyeasy (or at least we try to!) If you had to choose an hashtag that represents your lifestyle which one would it be?
A. #futuresoccermom

F. Tell us a place, an artist and a film you feel yours
A. Pittsfield IL, Britney Spears, and Uncle Buck

Meet Anna here

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