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The story of Gittit Szwarc, the mind behind Knobbly Studio, starts with Capoeira until she decided to create her own jewels line, for which every piece reflects a specific idea of beauty.
Cartesian earrings, deconstructed and degree cuff: Gittit and her staff are fascinated and interested in the human body, working on its movements and creating handsome jewels around it.
Fresh, elegant, eclectic.
That’s why we love Knobbly Studio.
Enjoy our lil chat!

Sofia. Hi Gittit! How a Capoeira teacher becomes a jewels designer?
I’ve always been interested in the human form in movement. The interest has taken many forms throughout my life but it always stems from the same basic fascination. When I’m designing a jewel the concept encompasses all the angles from which the piece can be viewed, and the way it will move with the wearer is an important design factor for me.

Sofia. Knobbly is a studio made up of four people. What is their role and history?
We are currently a team of three, with interns from around the world dropping in for a few months at a time. As the founder and designer my focus is on the brand’s artistic direction. I design the jewels, and try to create a cohesive visual presence for Knobbly, from our photoshoot concepts to our packaging to selecting the retailers and influencers we partner with. I also do all our lookbook photography.
Hadas, our studio manager, is the one who keeps day to day operations running. She manages production, helps customers with any questions or needs they may have, and oversees shipping. During design sprints, Hadas is the one who researches and tests any new techniques or materials we’re considering.
Svetlana, our head silversmith, has been working with me for four years now – since she was a student at Shenkar school of design. In that stretch of time she has graduated, married and is now expecting a baby! Sveta actually makes most of the jewels that come out of our studio with her two hands. When we’re designing she’s the one who carves the pieces in metal or wax, giving them their final shape for casting.

Sofia. Where knobbly aesthetics came from? What inspires you?
In my personal life I’m a minimalist – I try to only wear and own things that are functional, things that last a long time and are well made, and I’m pretty strict about getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit those standards. At the same time I’m attracted to subcultures of excess. At present I’m very into 90’s aesthetics and apocalyptic visions conceived in the 90’s of how it was imagined our present time would be. So I allow these things to inspire my concepts, while applying minimalistic rigor to make sure the things I create will have a reason for being even outside of these references and trends.

Sofia. These jewels are pure and classy. But Knobbly Studio is not just jewels, right?
Jewels are our mainstay, but I think the brand story comes across so much stronger when other expressions are present as well. Last year we made a fanzine, who knows what’s next!

Yes, who knows what’s next! Thanks Gittit, it was a pleasure

Meet Knobbly Studio here and here!
All images courtesy of Knobbly Studio

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