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Ironic, self-confident and determinate.
You need just a glance to her instagram to be plunged in a world full of calm, intimacy and freshness.
This young brunette knows how to make a portrait, that’s for sure!
Today we meet Rosaline – soapgirl, photographer, devoted south londoner and Chloe Sevigny’s fan – to talk about being a young female artist. Join the club!

SoapOperaFanzine. Ciao Rosaline! Tell us about your background. How did you get to where you are now?
Rosaline. Hello! I am Rosaline, a born and raised South Londoner. I first picked up the camera properly when I was about 16 and fell in love. I started shooting whilst I was studying Photography at LCC and have continued to do so ever since.

SF. Describe yourself in three adjectives
R. Beautiful, charming, passionate, devoted, loving, charismatic… I’m only joking! I have no idea.

SF. From the London College of Communication and the Central Saint Martins up to Urban Outfitters, i-D, Tank, AnOther and your several collaborations with magazines and commercial clients: what was the most challenging step that allowed you to grow as a young fashion photographer?
R. I don’t feel like there was ‘a’ challenging step. I still feel like each day and each job is a new challenge and they come in many shapes and forms. I think the key thing is to work hard and stick by what you believe in.

SF. Why photography instead of anything else?
R. I’m fascinated by people for so many reasons. As a photographer I am constantly building new and close relationships with people on a daily basis and I love it. People know my work and they trust me and want me to capture them how I see them.

SF. Girl you rock! So many awards, group exhibitions all over the world since 2012 and a solo exhibition last year! Which was the most exciting moment in you career by now?
R. I did a fashion story for last week’s ES magazine and it was pretty exciting seeing everyone holding it on the tube, haha!

SF. Your main subject is the female world: girls are everywhere on your portfolio. When you photograph a girl what are the coordinates you always keep in mind? Who are the girl of you dreams?
R. I get told by a lot of people that I have a way of creating a calm and serene atmosphere when I’m photographing. I guess that’s what’s most important for me. But it is also weird because I feel like I’m the opposite the other half of the time… My dream girl to photograph is Chloe Sevigny – what a babe.

SF. London London love iu: how much do you owe to you home town and how did it influence your creative background?
R. A lot. I love London. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

SF. A place, an artist and a film you feel yours!
R. Place: hard one…
Artist: Juergen Teller
Film: Mustang by Deniz Gamze Erguven (new and beautiful)

SF. A young creative person but above all a young women: which difficulties did you encounter when you approached the photography world after your studies?
R. People always say I’m too young… I kind of get it but it should be about your work and not your age!

SF. We SoapOpera girls like to call ourselves #busysexyeasy (or at least we try to!) If you had to choose hashtag that represents your lifestyle which would it be?
R. #RosalineShahnavaz – it took me a while to think of that.

SF. What extra gear should a young creative women have today?
R. Pen and paper are pretty useful. And an iPhone charger, maybe?

SF. Where do you see yourself in 10 days?
R. I have checked my diary and I will be in Margate.

SF. Fav spots in London where to go these summer days?
R. I went to Brockwell Park and Maureen Paley gallery on the weekend, I’d recommend both.

All pictures by Rosaline Shahnavaz

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