As Rita Pavone was singing back in 1963:

” Viva la pa-pa-pappa,
Col po-po-po-po-po-po-pomodoro
Ah viva la pa-pa-pappa
Che è un capo-po-po-po-polavoro”

This song was written by the one and only Nino Rota for “Il Giornalino di Giamburrasca” , the cinematographic transcription directed by Lina Wertmuller of the Luigi “Vamba” Bertelli’s novel from the 1907.

The lyric was a revolutionary anthem sung by children of the boarding school that finally got the pasta after a revolt.
What can I say, we are italians, we are obsessed with food and we use it as tool to talk basically about everything. It means everything.
Love, life, revolution, beauty, art, sex and food itself.

Food is conviviality.

Sitting at the table with the people you love and enjoy the moment has no price.
It is a chance to make a conversation, relax, achieve happiness… the joie de vivre.
It is the art of sharing, living your life, meeting new people or seeing old friends.

Food is love.

Eating with the beloved ones, your family, having dinner with your lover.
You can’t cook without passion, emotion, intensity.
It’s just magic, and magic wouldn’t be possible without imagination, heart and creativity.

Food is sexy, overwhelming, exciting, erotic.

Food means travel.

You can visit the world having dinner in your own town but you can’t travel around the world without really tasting it.
Even when there will be no communication in a foreign state, their dishes will talk for its  people.
All the history, the traditions, the habits will be telling of a country’s food.

Food is culture, knowledge, power, consciousness.

Food is beautiful and beauty itself.
It’s just home.

Food means time.
The nature changing season after season, giving its best every time of the year.

Food is art.
Creating, mixing, combining, experimenting.
The wildness, the smell, the shape.

The design of the table you are sitting at, the aesthetic of the dish you are using.
All the colours. The intense experience you can live every time you taste something.

Eating mens self care and happiness.
It is a necessary constant process, nourishment, the propellant, primary and primordial good.

It’s a gift.

With this issue we want to celebrate the greatest pleasure in life:

Let’s all be busy, happy and sexy while we’re eating.
This issue is all about what’s on your life’s menu.

Culture is the best served on high heels
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