As Dolly Parton was singing back in the 1959:

“Puppy love, puppy love,
they all call it puppy love,
I’m old enough now to kiss and hugh,
and I like it, it’s puppy love”

Yeah Dolly, spread the love.
But remember, you don’t have to be old enough or young enough, puppy love is forever.
Kitten love, calf love, crush, bimbumbam.
I mean, the purest.

Wikipedia describes the Puppy Love as a form of love, romance or infatuation often felt by young people, named for its resemblance to the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy.
Let’s just say that we prefer thinking about it as the big, strong obsession for everything is tiny, furry, little and sweet.
The kind of love you can gone crazy about, stupid, happy with no reason, full of tenderness, in a deep devotion for something or someone you feel very closed to your hearth.
Dogs, cats, bunnies, parrots, ponies, piggies, babies, toy boys, girlfriends, even snakes, it doesn’t matter if their blood is cold or warm, the only thing that count is that the one for you will let you feel loved and never ever alone.
Google it, search it on youtube, gone wild on pinterest, puppies are pure emotions and emotions makes creativity.
No one can resists. Look at JCole, in the video of Wet Dreamz, the song is depicted with two puppies to illustrate the love he had in high school. Oh J u so sweet! Well done, we can feel the vibes.
The fact is that we are living in a very rough times and we just want to stop, take a breath and be gentle, soft and fuzzy for a moment.

Take all your positive energy, your inspirations and enjoy art with us and our little friends.
With this issue we want to celebrate one of our biggest passion.

Let’s all be tiny, itsy-bitsy and fluffy.
This issue is all about the puppies.

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