As The Eurythmics were singing back in 1983:

” I travel the world and the seven seas,
Everybody’s looking for something”

Some of them want to feel free, some of them just want to post on Instagram.
But it doesn’t matter where we are or where we are going to, we are always looking for something.

We asked some friends to let us know what does the word travel mean to them.
Time off, no stress, lightness.
Exploring new places, discovering different cultures, tasting typical foods.
New feelings, knowledge, adventure and freedom.
Someone wishes to open their mind, some other for shopping and souvenirs.
To feel in the right place even if its not your own place just because in that moment you are your journey.

We have legs, no roots after all and legs are made to go anywhere.
The road is life!

For the SoapOpera #15 our talents are free and alive.
Because traveling mentally and physically means also to wake up in the morning thinking
“I want to change something, even just for a bit”
And regenerate yourself feeds a new creativity.
Trips have always something wonderful, their magic starts even before leaving
between google maps and countdowns and tour guides.
The marvellous names of unknown cities are repeated like a mantra to let us go far away with our mind, already focused on the new.
Distraction, fantasy, life changing, new food, new loves and new landings, we need all of this like fresh air to breathe again.
The surrender to the ordinary for the extraordinary.
To travel means creating different opinions and erasing prejudices.
To understand what we really like, where we feel good, what scares us.
To know ourself better.
To have fun, lots of fun!

To travel is like falling in love. With everything and nothing, with ourself or with the entire world.
A trip makes us a different person.
Starting from me to get to know another me, more open, richer, newer.
The mind cannot separate itself from the journey.

With this issue we want to celebrate the magic of a beautiful and intense trips.
So, have a good road you butterflies!

And as Buzz Lightyear used to say: to infinity and beyond!

Let’s all be busy, sexy and curious.
This issue is all about no limits just freedom.

Culture is the best served on high heels
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