// TOP 5: Rugs but not really, let’s just said beautiful creations you can leave on the floor.

Spending lots of time scrolling on Instagram, we found ourselves really enchanted from these refined yet polished and eclectic brands selling amazing rugs or throws that you instantly would love to have in your apartments.
So this week we decided to share with you five of these very special labels in order to let you make yourself a very unique gift.
Stop looking for the perfect bikini, this month just lay on your new wonderful rug everyone will die for.
George & Raphael Greaves are the two siblings behind this incredibly beautiful project.
The idea is to combine their practice as designers with their passion for high-quality lifestyle products.
With an intuitive, aesthetically-driven approach and bold, graphic style, they design and produce a range of unique prints, clothing, and home accessories.
Like their 100% cotton throws, with their magical prints, they will bring you instantly in an ancient and abstract world.
They work well hung on a wall,  thrown over a sofa, draped over a bed or laying on your floor. The possibilities are endless, not exactly rugs but they are so good so who cares??
Printed Goods shop and studio is based in Bristol but if you are not able to stop by, don’t worry, thanks to God shop online exist 🙂
Bring art to the everyday!


This is the story of Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, lovers and partners, who decided to launch Cold Picnic back in 2010 and give to the world some very beautiful objects to make houses more charming.
Deeply influenced by national parks, film, interior design and art, the couple began working on various side projects together in an effort to view traditional crafts filtered through modern sensibilities. Before long these projects coalesced into Cold Picnic, a line of textiles and home goods. Cold Picnic’s work explores imagined and misremembered landscapes, and the effects of time and the elements upon their surfaces.
Sung and Buer design all Cold Picnic pieces from their Brooklyn studio and they work with artisans in India to produce their handmade rugs, quilts, and bathmats, and a family-owned company in New Jersey to make their knit blankets.
Why we love their rugs so much? Because they are colorful, uniques with a delicate aesthetic.
Also, you can commission your own costume rugs!
Be my only one.

Price: from 110$ to 540$


We love Slowdown Studio!
From Australia with love, this project is the brainchild of Australian-born, Los Angeles-based designer Marc Hendrick. Discovering emerging and established artists from across the globe, collaboration is at the heart of Slowdown Studio.
Each year they bring together a growing community of incredible talent with their popular Slowdown Art Comp. Featuring over 10,000 entries in its first two years, the competition has been a great launching pad for emerging artists to get their work out to the world. The studio select twelve winners each year, which are all woven into a blanket and released one per month the following year. Wow!
The modern lifestyle brand celebrates individuality and artistry, and the result is a collection of living, breathing works of art that are both functional and beautiful.
About their rugs? Woven from 100% wool, Slowdown Studio’s thick and plush rugs are the perfect finishing touch to any area of your home. Each rug is unique and understated featuring bright, pops of color.
Their creations invite you to embrace the slower moments in life.
Slow it down!

Price: from 135$ to 1440$


OMG let us introduce you to this adorable and cheerful brand we like A LOT.
BFGF is an art brand created by Lilian Martinez.
It offers accessible and functional art objects for the home and body.
It is inspired by comfort, beauty, and humor 🙂
They are not selling real rugs but their throws are so incredible you will fall in love and will put them everywhere around your flat, including floors.
The pieces are 100% cotton, each one of them is unique and because of the weaving process, there might be slight variations in the colors. How precious!
Every creation is an incredible story, a journey through magic deserts, tropical shadows, beach parties, sunny patios, gardens at night and sculptures standing near puppies and Lisa from the Simpson, all together in a strange parallel world.
Bring the exotic home!

Price: 200$


From the heart to Marrakesh’s medina, to your living room.
LRNCE is a Marrakesh based lifestyle brand focusing on interior decoration and accessories.
It was founded in 2013 by Belgian sun chaser Laurence Leenaert, who revises materials’ purpose and spontaneously combines elements to create uniquely designed pieces.
She visited Morocco once and only returned home to pack up her belongings, ready for a slower yet exciting life in a new continent.
By sourcing its production in North Africa, LRNCE captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the creating process of its carefully handmade products.
The process in the making is a story of love, care, and respect: Laurence finds the materials first, then she goes to her artisans to ask their opinions and share ideas about the beautiful and functional things they want to create together.
She defines her designs very personal a spontaneous, unique pieces that are happy and colorful born from a free and relaxed mind.
All of LRNCE textile products are handmade by a team of dedicated Moroccan artisans with hands of gold, producing blankets and all kinds of woolen products. The wool, coming 100% from sheep, is at the origin of each product and is first dyed to achieve the perfect colors. It is then weaved into a very dense and high-quality blanket. Last but not least, the talented Moroccan women, braid the wool to make long lines that are embroidered on as the final touch!
Leenaert will soon open a riad in the Medina so stay tuned and be ready for your next trip to Marrakech!
Don’t plan too much. Let life come to you.

Price: from 375€ to 2500€


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