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Our muse of the week is Emmanuelle, electronic singer and producer based in Italy but coming from somewhere else that made all of us- especially those working in fashion- go completely crazy since more than 2 years.
It was beginning of Summer 2016 when I first heard this gem through some very big fashion editor (name can’t be said…) and I never stopped listening to it and proposing it to parties (listen to “ITALOVE” here).

The result was that all my friends and friends circle felt in love with it and never stopped loving it as well, just as much as I do.
We created a sort of cult surrounding this song and this unknown Emmanuelle, exotic name which stands for an exotic voice.
Finally, I can give a face to this magic woman who made me dream.. and dedicate her the new #SoapMuse.


A. To start off with… How did this “ITALIA LOVE” start for you?
E. I came to Italy to study at Uni and so my love affair with Italy grew – I’ve tried to leave Italia many times and lives in many places but Italy has always lured me back – made me feel at home… she, Milan, is like a faithful wife. But Rio is my lover.

A. … And how did ITALOVE come to life?
E. Precisely one of these time I left Italy and was feeling lonely in New York – nostalgic and missing Italy listening to Mina all day, in the coldest February I ever experienced – I just felt I needed to write a song.
I also realized I was sort of falling in love with someone over the phone which is the most post modern pseudo romantic cliche ever so this is how it all happened.

A. How do you think the hype surrounding your song and style has generated?
E. Honestly I think it’s just honest, relatable, human and simple. Everyone has that moment when the lightbulb goes on and you are like holy shit how did this love creep up on me I think I’m in love and I wanna say it in the most romantic language on the planet and shout from roof tops and then you kinda freak out too.

A. Was there a moment where u really understood your song was becoming a hit?
E. Actually every little step is like opening a little gift so but it really surprises me when people sing along when I sing it live and they know all the words! And there I feel the love in the room.

A. “L’Uomo d’Affari”, your other cult hit… Is that completely Milanese lunch break ‘suited up manly men’ inspired? 😉
E. Oh my god yes! Totally! Totally totally, nothing better than to see a handsome man in a perfect suit in Milan on a bike looking like they have their shit together taking charge taking their “affairs” as seriously as their work.

A. Your favorite Milanese locations. 
E. My favorite places in milan are:
– Night time: Plastic Club (legendary milanese gay club – fun times)
– Aperitivo: Cantine Isola
– Market: Piazzale Cuoco
– Vintage store: Cavalli & Nastri
– District: Chinatown
– Restauran: Ottimo Fiori
– Bar: Cucchi – for a great cappuccino
– Thing to do: Ride my bike! Milan is much more fun to discover when you are on a bike.

A. What do you usually wear? What’s your relationship to fashion??
E. I usually wear jeans and t shirts but I have a thing for vintage I am a thrifting machine. I love fashion obviously since I studied design in Milan at Uni but I love finding special one of a kind items when i travel so I have that memory attached to it.

A. What never misses in your bag.?
E. I’m either an expert packet or a terrible packer,  because I never bring anything and usually always forget something useful like a sweater or socks but I guess in my hand bag: low key concealer blush and rose oil – I use it for everything on everything.

A. How would you describe your style of making music?
E. I Try to keep it simple.

A. What makes you happy when days are blue??
E. Blue days are less hard since Kiki Bunny is around – she is my hound she has so much love it’s hard to be blue – all you have to do it look at her perfect eyelashes and fall in love over and over. Then food, friends, making music… all of the above in no particular order, alternate between then repeat.

A. Is the name Emmanuelle from that erotic french cult movie..?
E. Indeed. The name Emmanuelle is from the famously erotic movies lucky my mother has always been at the forefront of the post feminist sexually empowered avant-garde women of the 80s and named me Emmanuelle after that.

A. You don’t like to talk much about yourself, and I think not finding infos about you online is quite great. What do you think about it?
E. I think it s more fun when there is dialogue. I just don’t want to serve you an image of how I see myself but rather discover it or sharing it when it means something.. I let the music talk for me I guess, let the listener wander or make it theirs too.

A. Could you leave us with 5 of your favorite tracks ever?
E. Wow this will be hard but I think I can try by general… there are so many good ones!

Ok so, five tracks ride or die:

1. Sexy Dancer by PRINCE
2. Waterfalls by MR. FINGERS
3. Don’t go by YAZOO
4. Surgery by DR. DRE
5. The House Music Anthem by MARSHAL JEFFERSON
6. More Women by SAADA BONAIR

(Very hard thing to do, I can’t decide so next week this list will prob. be different, and the order is def. not from favorite to least favorite! I love them all for different reasons.)


An Interview by Amanda Luna Ballerini
Pictures by Alessia Ronchi

Meet Emmanuelle here!



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