As Louis Armstrong were singing back in 1967:

“I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world”

Fresh flowers on the table, dreamy gardens, wild landscapes, and crowded jungles.
The smell of the spring, the park of your neighborhood, the plant on the windowsill, the generous tree offering protection from the sun.
It doesn’t matter how and when we love to admire it or live it:
Mother Nature is powerful and its beauty has no equal.
Green is life and is a priceless gift.

In Wild by Jean-Marc Vallée, the writer Cheryl Strayed takes a ninety-four-day journey
through one of the most famous hiking trails in North America.
Cheryl’s stream of consciousness overlaps with the evocative landscapes of the Sierra Nevada and the desire to overcome painful mourning through the immersion into the wild.

A deep story about nature and rebirth.
For Soapopera #17 we want to celebrate the #Botanical theme in each and every shade.
Exactly like Cheryl, we want to travel. But with the mind and the power of the images.
We want to care and to be cured, to admire but to fight at the same time.

In this difficult time, the topic is more relevant then ever and urgently needs not only to act but also to honor our most precious resource through art and poetry.

Monet’s Water Lilies, Arcinboldo’s Spring, the waving of Renoir shrubs, the Van Gogh almond tree branches, the colors of Gauguin, the delicacy of the Impressionists to the floral intimacy of Pegge Hopper.
From Terra by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot to Terrence Malick,
via Into The Wild and Cast Away.
Emilio Ambasz, Tadao Andy, Daniel Buren, Michel Corajoud and all the landscapers that make us dream.
And again, the vivid dreams of Cody Cobb, the light of Jo Kalinowski, the urban green of Sinziana Velicescu, the breathtaking visions of Annie Griffits and the immensity of the images of Frans Lanting.

A thousand references and multiple inspirations for just one big love.
With this issue, we want to paint the emotion that only nature can bring.
The diversity, the strength, the magic, the life.

What we miss the most locked in our home.

Let’s all be busy, conscious yet dreamy.
This issue is all about “there is no planet B”.


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